About Us

The Company

Image Maker is an environmental conscious company that green manufactures ink and toner cartridges. The Company is created with aspirations to provide only quality printer consumables and services to all, managing printing documentation through high quality toners and ink cartridges that enhance presentations. Exploring how our technology and services can help in people realizing possibilities of budgeting cost for the Company and towards a greener tomorrow by recycling.

Image Maker values the importance of extensive research on the green manufacturing, till date; our Research & Development Department continues to extend knowledge and also to develop new products to cater to the needs of our customers. Consistent reliability, advanced technology is primary on our agenda. As a result, our company carries an array of products to satisfy the need of low cost, high quality printer consumables.

Green manufacturing is our business. When we recycle, we are doing a part to contribute to Mother Earth, preserving resources for our many generations to come. Cartridges are made from plastic and its known to all that plastic does not degenerated and by green-manufacturing cartridges, we are giving new life and in turn to reduce the demand on plastic making. If everyone joins Image Maker in this recycling road, we will definitely make a difference.

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