About Us

Our Mission

To Strive For Betterment In Leading Manufacturer Of Quality Products And Services

Image Maker is a leader in the manufacturing of technologies in the printing, refurbishment, consumable industries for enterprises and homes. Our aim is to extend in different fields to meet all work style requirements continuously. So to engaged in knowledge sharing for dynamic business structures and processes to delight customers.

Customer Service Focus

To exceed customers expectations is not just a requirement, it is a must in this highly competitive market, we strive to provide the highest level of customer service to customers. Our sales representatives are trained knowledgeable to assist customers to make the right choice. An assurance to our customers our sales representatives are often required to attend seminars to heighten knowledge of various IT products. To meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Team Spirit And Professionalism

Strong team work as a formula to every successful project from cooperation, motivation & etc in the Company to rise up with challenges. Sensitivity towards career and personal developments, one that recognizes and leverages on unique talents and rewards diligence, excellence and creativity, with opportunities for self-enrichment through on-the-job performance. We also encourage open communications amongst staff so as to strive towards common goal to take performance standards higher.

Environmental Friendly Products

With a strong mission to promote environmental-friendly consciousness to every level in society order to preserve resources for our many generations to come. We aim to develop more eco-friendly products that allow users to incorporate the 3 Rs, reduce, re-use and recycle in their every print with Image Maker.

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